About Dudley Council

Dudley Council serves over 315,000 residents and manages a net budget of 220 million. It is a predominantly urban local authority located in the West Midlands conurbation and is made up of four main townships.

The council employs almost 12,000 members of staff and has recently undergone a transformation programme which has rationalised, realigned and refocused the council into much more modern, efficient and effective organisation fit for the twenty-first century and our modern digital age.

The council has strong political leadership and is ready to embrace change, providing an environment in which you will be encouraged to make your mark. It has also aligned its political and managerial leadership structures and is committed to protecting, securing and transforming the lives of children, families, vulnerable and older people who need support.

  • want to hear what people have to say through our innovative community forums;
  • are committed to dedicating time to proper and meaningful consultation and listening to the views of our residents;
  • are working with local communities and encourage active involvement of our residents. See
  • are actively working with the voluntary sector to establish new ways of delivering value for money services, and are committed to encouraging the growth of a social enterprise culture

There is a clear vision which is ensuring that collectively the council is working for communities today and building for tomorrow.  In striving to becoming a leading ‘community council’ we:

Our vision is to leave a legacy of a better future for the borough that reflects Dudley’s potential and harnesses the ambitions of the people we serve.

  • Council Plan

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