The roles


As one of our social workers you will:

  • Be part of a service which uses a systematic practice model  - which at its heart includes shared and manageable caseloads, multiagency working and a commitment to reflective team case discussion and decision making
  • Join a small pod of social workers, managed by an experienced manager and supported by a team of pod coordinators to deal with routine administrative tasks enabling the social worker to concentrate on working with families
  • Be supported by a dedicated Court Team that manages all Public Law cases
  • Manage caseloads dependent upon experience, grade of post and complexity of cases, utilising specialist knowledge for appropriate interventions, needs assessments, care planning and child protection investigations
  • Be responsible for a caseload but will share responsibility and work with others in your pod as you intervene together with families, to ensure the best possible outcome for children
  • Carry out high quality assessments, using child-centred, community focused, and multi-agency interventions to bring about positive change through developing effective relationships and to secure the best outcomes for children and young people
  • Ensure children and young people are adequately protected in line with Dudley LSCB, departmental policy and procedures, and relevant legislation



As a newly qualified social worker you will:

  • Be part of our ASYE programme. The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) is the term used to describe a year-long programme of support to enable the you to strengthen your professional confidence whilst you work in your first social work post
  • Need to pass your ASYE to progress to a main grade social worker role
  • Work together in a small pod of social workers


Consistent with the Munro principles, the purpose of this role is to ensure high quality and effective social work practice across Dudley borough:

  • You will lead and develop the professional practice of team members and other colleagues, and model and facilitate reflective practice.
  • An exemplary practitioner, you will provide constructive challenges to enhance social work practice, procedures, policies and standards; promote innovation and new ways of working; and support the team manager on day to day issues.
  • Your role will improve the quality of work done by social workers including effective case management, purposeful evidence based interventions, analytical assessments and high quality written work.
  • You will have, or be willing to develop, specialist knowledge of an area of child care practice, which can be used across the service.
  • You will also represent the service in developing key service provision/local strategic initiatives.


  • You will be responsible for the leadership and management of a social work team, ensuring that vulnerable children and their families receive responsive services that safeguard and promote their welfare.
  • You will provide operational leadership, vision and direction by delivering service improvement within children’s social work.
  • You will actively promote and contribute to the strategic developments for children and their families across Dudley borough.
  • You will responsible for a team of staff from trainee social workers, ASYEs, social workers, senior social workers and support staff and accountable for ensuring the team achieves its operational plan: by promoting an appropriate culture: empowering others and setting and maintaining high and measurable standards of practice.

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